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30+ Music Organizations Issue List of ‘AI Principles’

by Ashley King, March 16, Digital Music News

A list of more than 30 organizations, including major labels, Recording Academy, RIAA, and more, issue a list of principles to promote the advancement of AI while respecting human creativity and copyright law.

A broad coalition of creative organizations has announced the launch of the Human Artistry Campaign to ensure AI is developed and used in ways that support human culture and artistry rather than replacing or eroding it.

The group outlined principles advocating best practices for AI that emphasize respect for artists, their work, and their personas, as well as transparency and adherence to existing law, including copyright and intellectual property. The campaign urges supporters to sign a petition to advance these fundamental tenets. (...)

“We fully recognize the immense potential of AI to push the boundaries for knowledge and scientific progress. However, as with predecessor technologies, the use of copyrighted works requires permission from the copyright owner,” the announcement reads. “AI must be subject to free-market licensing for the use of works in the development and training of AI models. Creators and copyright owners must retain exclusive control over determining how their content is used.”


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