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How Long Should An Album Be, Nowadays?

- Based on articles by Ashley King on Digital Music News (August 17, 2023) and by Kara Nesvig, on Teen Vogue's website (August 1st, 2023)

The first article discusses the length of Olivia Rodrigo’s new album, Guts, which is only 39 minutes long. It compares her album to other popular albums that are also short, such as Billie Eilish’s Happier Than Ever and Taylor Swift’s Folklore.

It argues that shorter albums are becoming more common in the streaming era, as artists try to optimize their revenue and attention span of listeners. It also suggests that shorter albums may have artistic benefits, such as creating a cohesive and focused narrative. It concludes by saying that Olivia Rodrigo’s album is a reflection of her generation and musical style, and that it may inspire other artists to follow suit.

Olivia Rodrigo’s New Album Is Short but Sweet

Olivia Rodrigo, the pop sensation who took the world by storm with her debut single “drivers license”, is back with her second album, Guts. The album, which drops on August 25th, is only 39 minutes long, but it packs a punch with 12 songs that showcase Rodrigo’s versatility, vulnerability and voice.

Guts is a fitting title for an album that explores the raw emotions of love, heartbreak, anger and self-discovery. Rodrigo has said that she wrote the songs as a way of coping with her own feelings and experiences, and that she hopes they will resonate with her fans. “I just want people to feel like they’re not alone,” she told Teen Vogue. “I want people to feel like their feelings are valid and that they can get through anything.”

The album features a mix of genres and influences, from pop-rock anthems like “brutal” and “good 4 u”, to ballads like “traitor” and “happier”, to indie-folk tunes like “favorite crime” and “hope ur ok”. Rodrigo has also collaborated with some of the biggest names in the music industry, such as Jack Antonoff, Dan Nigro, Alexander 23 and Taylor Swift, who co-wrote the bonus track “1 step forward, 3 steps back”.

Rodrigo has already proven herself as a star with her first album, Sour, which broke several records and earned her multiple awards and nominations. With Guts, she shows that she is not afraid to experiment, grow and express herself in new ways. The album is a testament to her talent, maturity and honesty as an artist and a person.

If you want to hear more of Olivia Rodrigo’s Guts, you can pre-order the album now or stream it on August 25th.


Summary by The New Bing AI

Photo by Larissa Hoffman, Teen Vogue


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