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How Nettwerk Took SYML From Sync To Global Success

by Sarah Kloboves,, March 22, 2023

Brian Fennell, also known as “SYML”, is an Indie/Alternative artist hailing from Issaquah, Washington. In 2016, his unreleased track “Where’s My Love” landed a life-changing sync placement on the hit TV drama “Teen Wolf” and fans immediately became obsessed with it. Once the song exploded, Fennell found himself in possession of one of the most popular indie anthems from the last decade, as well as an extremely promising career as a solo artist. Shortly after, Nettwerk Music Group caught wind of SYML’s budding success and signed him on as a sync artist, not realizing that it would snowball into one of the most exciting and inspiring projects the team had seen so far.

(...) From the beginning, building a strategy for an artist like SYML posed an interesting challenge for Nettwerk. Thanks to the sync success of "Where's My Love," Fennell was already seeing some sprouting success on streaming and digital platforms. On the other hand, he had no prior marketing or press to share who he was as an artist, so many fans didn't know the true story of SYML.

SYML meeting fans in Warsaw, March 18, 2023

(...) "Early on he would get comments like 'your song got me through a really bad breakup' or 'you've helped me through one of the darkest times of my life,' so we knew we had this core fanbase that was deeply connecting to his music but we had to find ways to build his following while also continuing to engage his fanbase," Ellen Gildersleeve, Sr. Marketing Director at Nettwerk, told Chartmetric.

Read more about this great case study on Chartmetric's site where it was initially published. Nettwerk team members Ellen Gildersleeve (Sr. Marketing Director), Emma Bleakley (Director of Analytics), Nikki Fair (SVP of Digital Marketing), and Diana Buchert (Digital Account Manager) shared their approach and strategy towards breaking sync artists beyond just the realm of TV and film.


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