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Jay-Z Has Taken the Hard Route. The Entrepreneur Route.

by Nathan McCartney, founder of The Bag, as published on his LinkedIn profile on March 27, 2023

Forbes recently announced that Jay-Z is worth $2.5B. Let's take a look at his portfolio and how he did it.

When you become an entrepreneur, you realize how hard it is to build a business. The ups and downs, highs and lows, self doubt, can all be exhausting.

But a lot of times entrepreneurship is about survival and staying the course when it’s easy to throw in the towel because things aren’t going right.

Nipsey said it best, “I just didn’t quit. That’s the only distinguishing quality.”

At 53 years old, Jay-Z is also someone that has not quit. He’s done the opposite, he continues to push forward.

It’d be easy for him to just take endorsement checks all day. Mr. Carter could lend his brand to this company or that company for big money but he’s decided to go the alternative route, time and time again.

The hard route. The entrepreneur route. The builder’s route. The route where you can fail in public and the peanut gallery can weigh in with their two cents about how you didn’t know what you were doing.

Anyways, it got me thinking about what he’s been building in the different verticals in which he has interests.

This graphic provides some detail.

Obviously, there are other things that factor into his wealth such as his expansive real estate portfolio and art collection amongst others.

It will come as no big surprise if his next big exits come from selling a piece of Roc Nation, the cannabis industry, or gambling.

One thing is for certain, Hov did.

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