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JKBX says Musicians will Benefit from its Royalty-Streams Marketplace

by Stuart Dredge, MusicAlly, April 25, 2023

Startup JKBX is launching a marketplace for trading in music royalty streams as an asset class. However, it’s making consent from songwriters and artists a non-negotiable element.

Due to launch this year, the platform will enable fans and investors to buy and sell shares of royalty streams for music – not the actual copyrights – as regulated securities.

Its key partners for that business will be the copyright owners: labels and publishers. However, CEO Scott Cohen told the Music Ally NEXT conference today that it will give artists and songwriters a say in whether their work is traded.

“We’ll never list anything on the platform without the consent of those artists. They may not have the rights to it – a rightsholder has the rights to it – but we’re asking all of them to sign a consent form to check: you’re cool with this? We don’t want people to be trading with your stuff unless you are,” he said.

JKBX is also launching a ‘creators fund’ that will pay those artists and songwriters directly, even if they are not due a share of the revenues their rightsholders make from its marketplace.

Learn more about this fascinating topic on MusicAlly's website, where it was initially published.


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