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Latin Superstar Karol G Will Control Her Masters, under Her Own Label

Summary of a Billboard article by Clayton Durant, on LinkedIn, mid June 2023

Karol G just signed a historic record deal with Interscope Records which highlights not only the growing prominence of Latin music but showcases how major record deals can be better structure recording contracts to set an artist up for long term success.

Here is a breakdown of some of the key points to her deal as reported by Leila Cobo of Billboard:

🎵 Artist Imprint: Karol G is launching her own imprint, Bichota Records.

🎵 Distribution and Work: Her imprint, Bichota, will be distributed and promoted by Interscope, leveraging the reach and resources of a major label.

🎵 Master Ownership: A crucial aspect of this deal is Karol G's retention of her masters, reflecting an industry-wide trend towards more equitable artist-label relationships.

🎵 Deal Value: The agreement, valued at nearly $100 million, underscores the growing recognition and investment in Latin music.

🎵 Marketing Strategy: Interscope plans to promote her music to both English and Spanish-speaking markets, indicating an industry trend towards greater inclusivity and diversification.

The full article on Billboard is for subscribers only, and can be read here.

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