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New Book ‘Touring and Mental Health’ Manual Is a Godsend for Musicians and Crew

by Ryan Dusick,, May 4, 2023

In the music industry, mental health has become a pressing issue in recent years, particularly for touring musicians and crew members who spend long hours on the road away from their families and support systems. In response to this, Live Nation has developed a mental health manual to support the mental well-being of its touring staff.

The manual includes information on identifying warning signs of mental health issues, coping strategies for anxiety and depression, and resources for seeking help. It also includes tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle on the road, such as getting enough sleep, exercise, and nutrition.

However, there is still much work to be done. The music industry is notoriously stressful and demanding, with long hours and high expectations. Many artists and crew members feel pressure to constantly be on the go, which can take a toll on their mental health over time.

Therefore, it is important for companies in the music industry to continue prioritizing mental health and providing support for those who need it. This includes not only developing resources and manuals but also creating a culture of support and understanding.

One of many successful artists interviewed for the book, Radiohead drummer Phil Selway endorsed the project by saying, “I wish this book had been around when I first started touring. Touring and Mental Health can really help us all navigate the darker moments and the bumps in the road out on tour. The insights, wisdom and strategies from the mental health and medical experts, the tour crew, and musicians in this book are invaluable. It should be the first thing we all pack when we head out on the road.”

In conclusion, Live Nation's new mental health manual is a step in the right direction for the music industry, but there is still much work to be done. By prioritizing mental health and creating a culture of support, the industry can help ensure the well-being of its artists and crew members and promote a healthier, more sustainable way of working in music.

Ryan Dusick is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, the founding drummer of Maroon 5, a mental health advocate, and the author of “Harder to Breathe: A Memoir of Making Maroon 5, Losing It All, and Finding Recovery”

Read the whole story on this important issue on Variety's website, where it was initially published.


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