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New Study on Gender Equality in the Music Industry Shows Alarming Situation

by TuneCore, Believe and Luminate, March 2023

With equality in mind, beginning in 2021 TuneCore and Believe partnered with leading entertainment and media analysis research firm MIDiA Research to launch BE THE CHANGE: Women in Music, a groundbreaking study on the underrepresentation of female creators in the music industry.

For the third annual study, Believe and TuneCore engaged entertainment data and insights company Luminate to lead the research for the study and expand its scope. With over 1600 respondents from 109 countries, this year’s study includes an increased focus on global reach and adopts an intersectional approach that accounts for respondents’ ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability status, parental status, location, and age among other factors.

Among the key findings :

  • The music industry has a clear disconnect in how we assume industry professionals and artists experience the industry and the reality. Just under 60% of artists and industry professionals believe gender discrimination is a major issue in the industry.

  • (...) Alarming rates of sexual harassment and abuse occur in the music industry, often against women and gender expansive individuals, without proper resources for survivors or consequences for offenders.

Download the full report or executive summary (in over 12 languages) on where it was initially published.


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