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Reintroducing TIDAL RISING with Direct-Funding for Emerging Artists

News Release by Block, May 3, 2023

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Today global music platform, TIDAL is reintroducing TIDAL RISING by offering a selection of emerging artists new ongoing support through custom promotion, education, and direct-funding so they can grow, thrive and build their careers. The first wave of rising artists to receive support includes Alex Vaughn, Baby Storme, Cheekface, Reuben Vincent, Sunny War and more.

TIDAL RISING was launched in 2015 to introduce music fans to fresh artists and dynamic sounds they may have otherwise missed. The new TIDAL RISING program is providing more than playlisting and co-created marketing to economically empower artists through:

  • Direct-funding

  • Attendance at the inaugural TIDAL Artist Summit

  • Career-oriented educational workshops & downloadable resources

  • Masterclasses and hands-on Dolby Atmos® training from Dolby

  • Playlisting and covers

  • Original video documentaries including SESSIONS and RISING

Alumni of TIDAL RISING include 21 Savage who documented his first tour with TIDAL; Chloe x Halle who developed a content series to connect with fans; and Megan Thee Stallion, who TIDAL supported with industry connections and performance opportunities before she signed to a record label. In the past 12 months, TIDAL RISING has opened up unique opportunities for up-and-coming artists such as the chance to perform in Meta Horizon Worlds and to create unique tracks for designer Kim Shui’s runway fashion show during New York Fashion Week.

“Our TIDAL RISING program has always been a vessel to help emerging artists connect with their fans and open up new opportunities,” said Jason Kpana, Senior Vice President of Artist & Label Relations. “We’ve increased our investment by 10x to do more than one-off campaigns with a focus on how we help propel artists within the TIDAL universe and beyond. We’re excited to see the impact of providing scalable support for rising artists, starting in the U.S. before expanding TIDAL RISING internationally later this year.”


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