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Rock Music is the Perfect Condiment For This Fast Food Brand

by Nick Fulton,, March 8, 2023

The energy that food provides ensures that our cognitive abilities and decision-making skills stay strong. Similarly, the energy provided by the music we listen to powers our emotions. Taco Bell has cleverly intertwined the mental, physical, and emotional responses triggered by both food and music into its advertising campaigns. (...)

Aside from food, Taco Bell is renowned for its marketing campaigns, which are often humorous, irreverent, and designed to appeal to young people. The company's advertisements have become cultural touchstones, and its pop-culture references and social media presence have helped to build a strong connection with its customers.

An analysis of music used in six recent Taco Bell commercials shows how the company uses fast-paced rock songs ranging in tempo from 150 - 170 BPM to market its products. Music of this nature typically contains a high energy level, eliciting happy, excited, and exuberant moods. Energy was the #1 song characteristic in all six songs used by Taco Bell, helping it generate excitement and euphoria around its meal options.


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