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Smart Shuffle Breathes New Life Into Your Spotify Playlists

by Spotify, 2023-03-08

Today at Stream On, we announced Spotify’s new play mode: Smart Shuffle. This new experience keeps listening sessions fresh with personalized recommendations that perfectly match the vibe of an original playlist. It breathes new life into carefully curated playlists, shuffling tracks and adding new, perfectly tailored suggestions. As a bonus, Smart Shuffle is also available for your Liked Songs playlist.

Smart Shuffle builds on the benefits of Enhance, which we launched in 2021. Enhance allows users to discover music while keeping their own track lists fresh. With Smart Shuffle, we’ve taken those capabilities a step further by creating a new experience to keep those listening sessions evergreen. As a result, Smart Shuffle will replace Enhance and will roll out to Premium users globally across iOS and Android devices starting today.

More information on how to use Smart Shuffle on Spotify's website, where it was initially published.


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