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Smiths Producer Stephen Street: "Indie Bands Are Going To Have To Go Back To The CD"

Based on an article by Rob Laing in Music Radar, July 17, 2023

Stephen Street, the renowned producer behind iconic bands like Blur, The Cranberries, New Order, Madness, Babyshambles and The Smiths / Morrissey, has recently emerged as an unexpected champion for the CD format in the music industry. In a surprising turn of events, Street sheds light on the escalating costs and time associated with pressing vinyl records, which might prompt bands to reconsider the classic CD as a viable option.

"I still love CDs and I still buy CDs," said Street.

As the resurgence of vinyl continues to captivate music enthusiasts worldwide, Street draws attention to the behind-the-scenes challenges faced by artists and labels. The growing demand for vinyl, while beneficial for the vinyl-loving community, has inadvertently led to extended production timelines and increased expenses. For artists and smaller labels, this could mean navigating through budget constraints and potential delays in reaching their audiences.

In light of these hurdles, Street encourages musicians to reevaluate the value of the humble CD. The compact disc format, though considered by some as a relic of the past, still offers several advantages in terms of cost-effectiveness and quicker production timelines. Street's endorsement of CDs not only aligns with budget-conscious approaches but also sparks a conversation about the balance between nostalgia and practicality in the music industry.

As the debate unfolds, it becomes evident that the preference for vinyl or CDs extends beyond mere audio quality, delving into the realms of affordability, accessibility, and artistic expression. Musicians and labels now find themselves at a crossroads, contemplating the best course to deliver their art to the awaiting ears of fans worldwide.

To delve deeper into the fascinating insights shared by Stephen Street and to explore the evolving landscape of music formats, head over to the original article on With the music industry continuously evolving, the perspectives presented in this interview might just prompt you to rethink your own music consumption preferences and open up a world of intriguing possibilities.

To know more about Stephen Street's work through the years, this great podcast by Cambridge's Made by Series series is a must! Interview by Sean Hannam journalist in music / entertainment, tech and retail. Also owner of Ipcress Media.


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