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Solving the Problems of AI Require Defining What It Is… and These Lines Are Tricky to Draw

by Hanna Kahlert, Midia Research, 20 Apr 2023

Music may become the canary in the coal mine for what comes next. AI is no mere hype for the sake of hype. It is changing processes, lowering barriers to entry, making employment positions redundant, and will empower audiences with increasingly powerful and accessible tools to create on their own. How the rights and creator protections are sorted in the world of music may be the roadmap for how it works elsewhere.

(...) Yet, solving where AI fits into the broader rights and creator question is no easy feat, due to the plethora of applications the technology offers. It can be incorporated into existing software as a virtual assistant, or simply to make suggestions based on prompts. It can be used to augment vocals, as with autotuning, or generate them from scratch as seen in ‘Heart On My Sleeve’. Some artists are using AI in their work, like Holly Herndon; some artists are artificial, like Miquela.

(...) To what degree are creators whose work is in the underlying AI datasets responsible for the outcome of a prompt, versus the AI’s creator company, versus the end user who inputs the prompt?

Read more about this fascinating topic on Midia Reasearch's website where it was initially published.


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