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Sony Music boss warns of music streaming’s ‘meaningless volume’

by Stuart Dredge, MusicAlly, May 24, 2023

It’s clearly the season for senior major-label executives to outline what they feel is wrong with the current music-streaming economy. Sony Music chairman Rob Stringer offered his latest thoughts.

(...) “At Sony Music our attention is on identifying quality, and not purely quantity, as we face competition from many investors and new companies wishing to capitalise on this sheer volume,” he continued.

(...) Stringer also called for “aggressive enforcement” by streaming services and distributors to eliminate streaming fraud, and joined the chorus of rightsholders calling for more price rises in streaming subscriptions.

And yes, of course AI was on Stringer’s agenda too. “AI promises to provide us tools so that our artists and writers can create and innovate. It also heralds greater levels of insight through machine learning, as well as potential new licensing channels and avenues for commercial exploitation,” said Stringer.


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