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Stefanie Sun’s Career Hijacked By AI

by Ashley King, Digital Music News, May 30, 2023

Singaporean singer Stefanie Sun’s voice has taken off in China. The only problem is the songs are AI-generated fakes.

The release of her debut album Yan Zi in 2000 helped Sun become a household name in China and Hong Kong. Despite not releasing a song in more than six years, Sun’s voice has exploded online. On many major Chinese social media platforms, AI-generated content created under the name AI-Sun Yanzi have attracted a huge following. This AI-generated voice has released several covers of well-known Chinese pop music including Jay Chou’s “Hair Like Snow” and Nan Quan Mama’s “Rainy Day.”

(...) On May 22, Sun took to social media for the first time to address the appearance of these AI generated covers. “My fans have officially switched sides and accepted that I am indeed ‘an unpopular singer’ while my AI persona is the current hot property. I mean really, how do you fight with someone who is putting out new albums every few minutes?” the singer asks.


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