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Stingray + Mood Media = creating the largest U.S. retail media in-store network

Based on a News release by Mood Media, July 28, 2023

Mood Media, Vibenomics, and Stingray Advertising have announced a collaboration to create the largest US in-store retail media network. The platform connects advertisers with over 800 million monthly shopping visits through in-store digital audio advertising. The partnership combines cutting-edge technology and creative expertise to captivate shoppers, boost sales, and enhance brand presence.

Mood Media’s sensory marketing expertise will be leveraged to create an immersive symphony of sights, sounds, and scents in the retail environment. Captivating visual displays will be intertwined with curated music and ambient sounds to influence moods and elevate purchasing decisions.

“Joining forces with Mood Media enables us both to create the largest retail media network in the United States,” said Eric Boyko, President, Co-Founder and CEO of Stingray. “Our combined national scale presents a unique advantage to the market with more consistency across networks, improved transparency and more predictable CPM and fill rates for retailers. Our alliance sets a new standard for retail advertising nationwide.”

Vibenomics’ audio experience platform will enable retailers to engage their audience on a personal level by providing data-driven insights and targeted audio advertising. From location-specific promotions to tailored brand messaging, every moment in-store becomes an opportunity to make a lasting impact on shoppers, fostering loyalty and brand recall.

Stingray Advertising will also join the partnership with its licensed music, exclusive content, and artist-driven promotions. The in-store atmosphere will transform into an unforgettable concert experience by strategically aligning brands with top-charting hits and emerging talents.

Through this collaboration, retailers gain a competitive edge in the digital era. The fusion of Mood Media, Vibenomics, and Stingray Advertising equips stores with unparalleled analytical tools, unveiling invaluable customer insights and behavior patterns. Retailers can now make informed decisions, optimize in-store layouts, and tailor advertising campaigns to individual preferences like never before.

This media network partnership is set to redefine the retail landscape with the promise of heightened engagement and boosted sales. To explore the full potential of this revolutionary alliance, visit the original article on Mood Media's site.


Summary by ChatGPT, re-written by the New Bing

Images taken from Mood Media and Stingray's websites


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