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The Artist-Centric Approach Is Not Limited Solely to Streaming - Universal and Tidal Collaboration

by Dylan Smith, Digital Music News, March 3, 2023

Towards January’s end, after its CEO kicked off 2023 by touting the perceived potential of “artist-centric” music platforms, Universal Music Group (UMG) partnered with Tidal “to explore an innovative new economic model” for streaming. Now, the Big Three label has revealed that the collaboration is extending to different services yet.

(...) In any event, Universal Music says that it’s coordinating with platforms besides Tidal to develop a streaming compensation model that prioritizes monetizing the relationship between diehard fans and artists.

“We announced our collaboration with Tidal in January, and I’m pleased to tell you that we have been working with Deezer as well. And discussions with several of the other major global platforms are also underway. The artist-centric approach is not limited solely to streaming platforms, but [extends] to all platforms, including short-form video, which are reliant on artists and their music.”

(...) “Our goal…is to promote a healthier, sustainable, exciting, and yes, more competitive music ecosystem,” continued Lucian Grainge (picture above). “An environment in which great music is not drowned out by an ocean of noise. Where music is easily and clearly accessible for fans to discover and enjoy. And most importantly, an environment in which the creators of all music content, whether in the form of audio or short-form video, are fairly compensated and can therefore thrive for decades to come.”

More information in this article from Digital Music News, where it was initially published.


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