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The Importance of Music in the Beauty Industry

by Songtradr, June 1st, 2023

In the Beauty industry, it's all about the look. But looks alone aren't enough to stand out – brands must also use the right music. Using our gold-standard MusicIQ methodology to measure the effectiveness of music in advertising and marketing content, we can now tell you which of the world's leading beauty brands uses music best and how much room there is for improvement across the beauty industry.

The results are in our Music of Beauty report, available for free download here.

Music typically represents only a small percentage of advertising budgets. Yet, as we will showcase in this study, music punches above its weight. The right music will maximize break-through, deepen emotional connections, and lift brand preference, ultimately boosting business performanceé

Choosing music that implicitly ties individual assets together across paid and owned media will reinforce a brand’s identity and more effectively encode it in consumers’ long-term memory.

(...) MusicIQ is an AI-powered composite metric that quantifies how strategically a brand uses music in advertising. For the Music of Beauty, we selected ten brands representing a broad range of price points, brand personalities, and advertising styles.

(...) We also surveyed 750 women in the UK in April 2023, focusing on the drivers of beauty brand preference. We collected both rational (‘explicit’) and emotional (‘implicit’) data on each of the ten brands using a series of sophisticated neuroscience experiments. The rational and emotional data were then statistically integrated into a single neural model patterned after human thought processes.

The brand that understands this best is Lancôme. The premium perfume and cosmetics brand has the highest MusicIQ of the ten brands we

analyzed, driven by consistent music choices that give it a dreamy & enigmatic identity that works well across genres and media verticals.


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