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Through Daring Harmonies: The Singular Evolution of Robert Plant, from Led Zeppelin to Today

by Nicolas Pelletier, June 23, 2023 - translation by ChatGPT

Robert Plant, the ultimate rock singer, has forged a legendary musical career, punctuated by key moments that have defined his artistic journey. As early as the late '60s, with Led Zeppelin, he established himself as an undeniable force, skillfully blending blues, folk, and hard rock to create an innovative and powerful sound. However, Plant also showcased a more subtle sensibility within the band, particularly in their folk explorations.

I offer you a chronological playlist of over 100 songs that retraces the highlights of his career.

After the tragic loss of his comrade John Bonham, Plant made the bold choice to step away from the immense legacy left by Led Zeppelin and embarked on new musical horizons. His early solo albums in the '80s reflected the trends of the time, highlighting emerging keyboard sounds. While projects like the Honeydrippers allowed him to reclaim the spotlight (with the participation of Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck, albeit far removed from Led Zep's sound), it wasn't until the late '80s that Plant truly reconnected with his rock roots, eliciting excitement from an eager audience embracing his return to form.

The collaboration with Jimmy Page from 1994 to 1998 marked a significant milestone in Plant's career. Together, they reimagined Led Zeppelin classics in an original format, adorned with classical and Indian orchestral arrangements. Unfortunately, this album remains unavailable on streaming platforms, but it exemplifies Plant's ever-innovative approach. Over the years, he continued his musical explorations, oscillating between hard rock and folk, while embracing world rhythms and psychedelia. Plant is an artist in constant evolution, always hungry for novelty.

In 2007, his musical encounter with American bluegrass singer Alison Krauss unveiled an intimate and tender facet of his voice, previously unexplored. Their collaboration achieved soaring success, both commercially and critically. Plant persisted on this path, leaning further into folk, with the release of the "Band of Joy" album in 2010. One could sense him drawing closer to his early influences, as he matured and perhaps gained wisdom. Touching duets with his new flame Patty Griffin, herself an accomplished singer-songwriter, bore witness to this evolution. Despite his affinity for folk, Plant never ceased to surprise his audience by venturing into new musical territories on his most recent albums. He fearlessly blended the Arabian lute, oud, with bluegrass banjo and electronic rhythms.

In 2021, Plant and Krauss delighted fans with their reunion, including a joint performance at the Montreal International Jazz Festival in the prestigious Wilfrid-Pelletier Hall at Place des Arts, next July 7, 2023.

At the core of this prodigious discography, Plant's voice remains a beacon, a testament to the tireless musical explorer who constantly seeks new sounds and remains steadfastly true to his own path.


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