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TIDAL Artist Home gives artists control over how they show up for their fans

by TIDAL, June 1st, 2023

With TIDAL Artist Home, artists can claim their artist profile and customize key details like their profile image, bio, and social links. Invite their team to help them, including the ability to flag any inaccurate content.

Created in collaboration with artists, TIDAL Artist Home is where artists can find products and resources to help them focus on the music and grow their career. From serving them fan insights on TIDAL to connecting them with other like-minded artists, TIDAL are building new products to meet artists' needs.

TIDAL RISING is a new program to level the playing field for emerging artists. TIDAL are creating space for artists to grow, thrive, and build their careers with purpose and confidence. Whether they’re looking for musical collaboration, creative knowledge, or industry connections, TIDAL RISING is here to help them take the next step in their story.


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