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Tidal's CEO Challenges the Value of Music: Unveiling Strategies for Change

Based on an article by Murray Stassen on Music Business Worldwide, May 31, 2023

In a thought-provoking article, Jesse Dorogusker, Tidal's CEO, delves into the contentious issue of music's value in the digital age. He argues that the industry has long undervalued and underpriced music, leading to challenges for artists and rights holders alike.

TIDAL and UMG’s plans, according to the announcement at the time, will include research around how music services can “generate greater commercial value for every type of artist” by “harnessing fan engagement”.

With the aim of reshaping this perspective, Tidal's CEO shares his strategic vision to revolutionize the way music is perceived and consumed. From enhancing the quality of audio streams to fostering a deeper connection between artists and fans, Tidal's unique approach aims to elevate the music experience and address the long-standing issue of low artist compensation.

The article further explores Tidal's commitment to exclusive content and original collaborations. By offering users access to exclusive tracks and experiences, the platform seeks to redefine the value of music and attrct a loyal fan base.

In a time when the digital music landscape is dominated by streaming giants, Tidal's CEO confronts the challenges faced by artists in earning fair royalties. His insights on reevaluating streaming economics and exploring new revenue models ignite discussions about the sustainability of the music industry.

"The streaming business is part of an artist’s existence. It’s great for distribution and reach. It can be very good for discovery. It’s a very high quality experience for consumers to have 100 million songs in their pocket, all over the world on their mobile device.

TIDAL has always focused on high-quality audio. So making sure that’s delivered the way that artists intended has been really valuable to us and valuable to artists.

But the economics of streaming are not sufficient for an artist to do that all by themselves and let [streaming] be their only thing. I think music is relatively undervalued and underpriced. But here we are." said Dorogusker in this article.

As the article concludes, readers are left intrigued by Tidal's innovative strategies and its bold endeavor to reshape the music industry's perception of value. To discover the full scope of Tidal's vision and its potential impact on the music ecosystem, click the link to the original website on Music Business Worldwide for an insightful read.


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