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Tom Hanks, DJ!

by Jen Juneau,, March 23, 2023

Tom Hanks is not only an Oscar-winning actor — he's recently added radio DJ to his list of accomplishments!

The prolific actor-producer-director serves as a part-time host on the Brooklyn, New York-based station Boss Radio 66, presenting a set of lesser-known decades-old tunes curated by founder Debbie Daughtry.

(...) "At WFMU and Ichiban Radio, I heard brand-new music that is 60 years old! Artists who put passion and drive into making their records that I appreciated," Tom tells PEOPLE of his initial discovery of the show. "When Debbie played some Japanese guitar-heavy surf band from 1964, my head burst. 'Where has this music been?' Her playlist was an undiscovered musical score for my day."

(...) "Debbie sends me the playlist and I do a dive on the web for salient and fascinating information," Tom tells PEOPLE of how he prepares for his sets. "Stories of the who and the where of the recording and the personalities of the artists. Many crazy stories."

"There are not that many radio stations that are as declared, curated and consistently one-of-a-kind as is Boss Radio 66. Debbie did it!" he adds of his inspiration behind joining up with Daughtry.

Read the whole story of this new project by actor Tom Hanks on People magazine's website, where it was initially published.

Listen to Boss Radio on TuneIn, for free, and find Tom Hanks's best moments on TuneIn, here.


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