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TuneCore Partners with ThreeDee Music to Offer Dolby Atmos Mixes to Indie Artists

Dolby Atmos is a cutting-edge technology that creates immersive and spatial sound experiences for listeners. It is becoming increasingly popular among music fans and artists, especially in the genres of pop, rock, and electronic music. However, producing music in Dolby Atmos requires specialized skills and equipment, which are often inaccessible or expensive for independent artists.

- Based on an article by Dylan Smith on Digital Music News (Aug 21, 2023) and news releases by the two companies involved.

That’s why TuneCore Germany, a leading digital music distributor owned by Believe, has teamed up with ThreeDee Music, a spatial audio company founded by Abbey Road Studios producer Matthias Stalter. The partnership aims to provide TuneCore Germany’s artists in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland with the opportunity to obtain Dolby Atmos mixes at attractive rates1.

According to Colin Eger, the head of TuneCore Germany, the collaboration is based on the shared vision of empowering independent artists to present their music on the highest level possible. He said: “We firmly believe that independent artists should have access to the latest technologies to present their music on the highest level possible.”

Some of the artists featured on ThreeDee Music's website :

Matthias Stalter, the founder and CEO of ThreeDee Music, echoed this sentiment and added that the partnership will enable independent artists to wow their fans with an immersive listening experience that was previously reserved for major acts only. He said: “Through our cooperation we are now able to support independent artists to present their songs in a completely new format and to wow their fans with an immersive listening experience, a feat which until now was reserved for major acts only.”

ThreeDee Music is a company that specializes in 3D music production, offering services such as recording, mixing, mastering, and composition for spatial audio. The company claims to have a wide spectrum of expertise and a fast turnaround time that meets the highest audiophile standards. ThreeDee Music has also partnered with Universal Music Germany and People Want to Dance, a dance label based in Hamburg.

The partnership between TuneCore Germany and ThreeDee Music is expected to benefit both the artists and the listeners who are looking for more innovative and engaging music content. The partnership will also contribute to the growth and development of the spatial audio market in Central Europe.

If you want to learn more about this topic, you can read the full article here: TuneCore Unveils ThreeDee Music Dolby Atmos Production Tie-Up and on TuneCore's website.

Image : Rea Garvey's new album

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