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Universal Music Partners With Deezer to Develop New Streaming Model

The partnership, which follows a similar collaboration with TIDAL, was announced by UMG CEO Lucian Grainge on an earnings call.

By Elias Leight, Elizabeth Dilts Marshall, Billboard Pro, March 2, 2023

The goal? To help develop a “new model” that “ensure[s] continued growth of streaming” while also valuing “the contribution of both artists and fans alike.” (...) “Streaming has evolved in a way that undervalues the critical contributions of many an artist as well as the engagement of many fans,” Grainge said. This unfortunately flouts “the basic unarguable truth that is: The artists are the center of everything in the music ecosystem,” he added.

One key element for Grainge appears to be that “artists are rewarded for the fans they bring in [to subscribe to streaming services] and the engagement they drive [on those platforms].” In addition, he hoped that fans would be “offered more ways to engage.”


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