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Universal Reportedly Tells DSP's to Remove AI-Generated Music

by Dylan Smith, Digital Music News, April 12, 2023

The Financial Times just recently detailed the leading label’s reported effort to curb the streaming prevalence of AI-created works. Of course, it’s hardly a secret that artificial intelligence is playing an increasingly significant role in the music industry and beyond (...)

Meanwhile, certain AI bots are training themselves to create ostensibly original music by analyzing commercially prominent projects on streaming services; UMG’s library, including releases from Taylor Swift, The Weeknd, and Drake, is decidedly popular on Spotify and elsewhere.

(...) Interestingly, however, UMG in a letter to streaming services appeared to cite a lack of compensation and authorization – not the potentially devastating market effects of mass-producing music via AI – as the driving factors behind its qualms.

“We have become aware that certain AI systems might have been trained on copyrighted content without obtaining the required consents from, or paying compensation to, the rightsholders who own or produce the content,” UMG is said to have written to streaming platforms.

"Interesting move by Universal Music Group considering their recent investment in Soundful. AI is going to play a major roll in how music is created and distributed in the future and the major labels are going to be on all sides. Smaller labels, publishers, creators and artists will need smart advisors to help navigate this changing landscape, we can help!" writes Brent Lehman, Trial Attorney Representing Clients in Entertainment, Media & Emerging Tech Spaces at Munck Wilson Mandala LLP, in Los Angeles, on LinkedIn on April 12, 2023.

Photo Credit: Hitesh Choudhary


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