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Unlocking Increased Productivity with Lofi Music

🎵 Head of Editorial Marketing Partnerships - North America @ Believe, February 9, 2023

As someone who is easily distracted, but hates to work in silence, I struggled to find a way to “fill the silence”. As a music lover, listening to music with lyrics wouldn't work, nor would upbeat music as I'd find myself moving too much.

This is where Lofi music comes in. If you aren't familiar, Lofi is laidback, slower tempo, and mostly instrumental music. As a result, Lofi has become the soundtrack companion to my workday.

(...) Let's dive a little deeper into the benefits! I mentioned that one of the biggest is the lack of vocals. When you’re trying to focus on a task, vocals can be a major distraction, pulling your attention away from what you’re working on. Lofi doesn’t have this problem, as it is mostly instrumental.

(...) Another great benefit is its consistency. Unlike other genres of music, Lofi tracks tend to have a similar tempo and rhythm, which can help to create a consistent atmosphere.

Photo by Aman Pal on Unsplash


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