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Whether you are into jazz, rock, reggae or singer-songwriters, whether you spend time listening to the radio or prefer streaming ambient playlists, whether you love to dive into documentaries or interviews with musicians, you will be delighted on! I gather everything I find interesting about music, in addition to sharing my (humble) musical creations, in the form of musical pieces, and playlists.

This new web site is intended to be the anchor of my musical activities since 1990.

For more than three decades, I have in turn been (in chronological order):

• host and programmer of radio shows (student then digital)

• music columnist / accredited journalist / record and concert critic

• Professional DJ

• music industry news writer

• creator of mixtapes and CD compilations

• founder and/or editor-in-chief of music sites

• author of a 1250-page book on music

• creator of playlists (thematic, moods and by musical genres)

• creator of written, audio and video content

• director of digital content teams on music

• director of digital product, sites and applications

• digital strategist for FM radio sites across Canada

• creator and programmer of digital radios (semi-interactive or continuous)

• director responsible for launching a streaming platform

In short, I am a music lover.

I don't believe it can be cured.

And that's ok.

You will therefore find on some of the musical pieces that I have created (solo or in a group) which date from another era (that of 4-track analogue!), several playlists that I have designed, as well as some articles and photos of the concerts I covered. I had fun keeping my concert tickets, when I wasn't simply on the press list and they were just stamping the inside of my wrist.

My album reviews remain on RREVERB and in my book Les perles rares et les grands crus de la musique published in 2013.

I also chose to select a few articles about the music industry that I find relevant, from different sources (often in English). I transcribe a few key statements then suggest the complete reading on the original sites. A work of curation, as we say. (The whole section is no-follow, to be by-the-book on SEO).

You will also find a section on my favorites in live radio stations, podcasts and documentaries (audio or video) that you can enjoy on your favorite platform, for free. Hours of fun if you like to dive into the creation of mythical albums or know the real reasons for the separation of a band.

This site also gathers all my activities on social networks, in particular Instagram where I present my collection of vinyl records, and LinkedIn, where I comment or share industry news.

I also bring back my playlists, created on Spotify and QUB musique, in order to offer a more organized listening experience, by theme, atmosphere or by artist. has no commercial purpose. It is simply a reflection of my musical interests, both artistically and industrially. Hoping that you will have a blast, and make great musical discoveries!

Happy listening, happy exploring and… looking forward to chatting music with you!


selfie taken at KEXP in Seattle in May, 2016

This site is also available in French!


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