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What to see and listen to at POP Montreal 2023?

It's time again to train for the marathon of discoveries that is the POP Montreal festival, which this year takes place from Wednesday, September 27 to Sunday, October 1. I have the immense honor and privilege of covering the most iconoclastic of Montreal festivals for almost 20 years. I don't remember my first cover, but it must have been around 2005-2006...

In short, I didn't cover them all, but almost!

For this 22nd edition of POP, I recommend the following concerts

Wednesday the 27th

- Islands + Blurry at La Sotterenea 7:30pm

- Thanya Iyer + Daniel Isaiah + Nicomo at Ursa 8:30om

- Charlotte Adigery & Bolis Pupul at Théâtre Rialto, 9pm

Thursday the 28th

- Charlotte Cornfield (photo),Rooftop of the Rialto, 6:30pm

- Bell Orchestre + ANJIMILE, at l’Entrepôt77, 7pm

- Laurence-Anne album launch, at Sala Rossa, 8pm

- Nora Kelly Band, at Casa del Popolo, 8:15pm

- Men I Trust, at MTelus, 8:30pm (also on Friday)

Friday the 29th

- Shabazz Palaces + Thelonious, at l’Entrepôt77, 6pm

- Candi Staton, at Théâtre Rialto, 8pm

- Ratboys, at Diving Bell Social Scene, 8:30pm

- Junglepussy, at Piccolo Rialto, 11:30pm

Saturday the 30th

- Beatrice Deer Band, at Théâtre Outremont, 8pm

- Water From Your Eyes, at l’Escogriffe, 9:30pm

- Lila Iké, at Piccolo Rialto, 11pm

Sunday the 1st

- Gayance, at l’Entrepôt77, 4pm

- Vanille + Aline Winant, at Sala Rossa, 8pm

- Bonnie Prince Billy + Beyries at Théâtre Rialto, 8pm

- Tangerine Dream, at l’Olympia, 8pm

Listen to all these beautiful people on my playlist made for the occasion!

Or listen on Qobuz

See their website for exact times. There might be some changes after publication here.

Have a great time, and see you there!


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